RTS - The invisible Gate & Door Closer

RTS - The invisible Gate & Door Closer is usually used for optical or safety reasons. The installation is hidden in the gate or door and is therefore almost invisible. The closing speed is adjustable and depending on the mounting situation, it can be opened up to 180°.

RTS can also be fitted on the outside of an existing gate by a special installation kit witch includes a steel tube with brackets for an easy installation.

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Advantages of RTS - the invisible Grind & Door Closer:

  • Is virtually invisible when built into the gate and only the clutch can be seen when the gate is open
  • RTS is mainly used for outdoor gates such as yard gates and entrance gates to industrial facilities but also fits well with ordinary doors
  • A perfect solution for entrance gates to industries that have access control for their staff
  • Built-in installation protects it for the elements and makes it basically vandal-proof
  • The special coupling is weatherproof and flexible so that RTS can be used with different types of hinges
  • The gate door can be opened up to 180° depending on the mounting position and type of hinge
  • Can be installed on existing gate by a special installation kit.

Range of Models:

There are several models of RTS for different types of gates and doors:

  • RTS-d and RTS-e: For gates, steel and aluminum doors
  • RTS-t and RTS-u: For steel and aluminum doors with different attachments than the above
  • RTS-v: Fits wooden doors


We have an accessory in the form of a fitting kit for retrofitting to be mounted on the outside of the grin. It fits to type RTS -e.

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Some application examples for RTS: