Door closer TJSS T44

Door closer TJSS T44 is the result of over 60 years of experience and development of door openers and has now resulted in this narrow and elegant house for tjss t44. Optimized for efficiency, a long life cycle and installation friendliness, it offers the very best comfort for door widths of 0.6 up to 1.4 m.

TJSS T44 combines ease of use with optimal effect. A particularly versatile, installation and user-friendly door closer with arm with automatic back-check function. Friction loss is minimal thanks to the use of Teflon coated pistons. TJSS T44 is available in various special designs, with adjustable back-check function, with closing delay.

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Efficiency:  With the same closing power, TJSS door closers have up to 50% less friction than competing products, thanks to the use of Teflon coated pistons. Your advantage: noticeably smoother closing of doors!

Installation friendly:  Lateral mounting flanges and pull-out shaft make it possible to install T44 even in difficult situations. Various special designs are available for special cases.

Temperature stability:  Whether in summer or winter, the patented thermostable control valves prevent variable closing speeds at changing temperatures.

Service and customer proximity: We offer a reliable all-round service as well as competent problem solutions in difficult cases.

Swiss made:  TJSS door closers are produced in Switzerland and represent the highest precision and quality, therefore they have a manufacturer's warranty of five years.

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Door closer TJSS T44