Door Dampers are the solution for slamming doors!

Door dampers are the solution for slamming doors! They put an end to slamming doors and make sure the doors close quietly and safely. The original is an invention and a patent from 1932.

Many front doors, entrance doors and doors in apartments, especially when equipped with a standard door closer mounted on the upper frame, close quite quickly and often with a loud bang.

Other doors do not close completely even when they have a standard door closer fitted, which can pose a safety risk if there are electrical locks with code locks installed. In addition, the closing force can vary between summer and winter.

A door damper, on the other hand, picks up the door the last bit, closes it slowly and quietly and keeps it properly closed. This saves the residents a lot of problems with unnecessary noise!

DICTATOR offers the highest quality from our Dutch factory and can guarantee a long life and a good function. Thanks to the wide range of models, the largest on the market, it gives us the opportunity to find the perfect model for almost every single door.

We are happy to provide free individual advice for your particular door.

Door dampers

V 1600 mounted on a glass door

No more loud noises from slamming doors

Pull doors closed and keep them closed

Long-lasting quality products from own production

Prevent damage to doors and hardware

No energy loss due to open doors

Individual and personalised customer service

Standard door damper models for hinged doors:

VS 2000

V 1600

Z 1000

R 1400

Door damper special models for hinged doors

V 1600 / V 1600 F

H 1300


Door dampers for sliding doors

Z 1100

V 1600

We'll gladly help you choose which model and installation position suit your door the most. Cotact us for Service & Assistance