Door closer TJSS

Door closer TJSS

Door closer TJSS is a quality door closer from Switzerland that is second to none in terms of quality and availability. It is not for nothing that DICTATOR has had this delivery program from Switzerland for decades, to full satisfaction. Since 2010, DICTATOR has been the exclusive representative of TJSS in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The door closers are distinguished by their attractive design, the high degree of reliability and also the ease of installation and ease of use. All door closers can be delivered in all desired RAL colours, which allows them to fit perfectly in any environment. The elegant design of the door closets and the use of high-quality materials ensure a smooth and safe closure and a long service life. TJSS door closers are produced entirely in Switzerland and have a 5-year factory warranty as standard.


  • Free-running door closer - the door is free to move but will always be reliably closed in the event of a fire, regardless of the position of the door in case of alarm
  • with electric locking
  • with electromechanical locking
  • Door closers with sequence control

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Door closer TJSS

door closer TJSS T6

T46 - Door closer with sliding rail

T46 with continuously adjustable closing force for size EN 2-4  has 2 separate adjustable speed valves to optimally adjust the closing process.

T44 - door closer with arm

A very versatile, mounting and user-friendly door closer with arm, with automatic opening damping. TJSS T44 is available in several special versions.

T6 - door closer with sliding rail

Designed with an elegant shape with a compact high-quality fabric, the T6 is designed to enhance the look of each door.

Door closers for fire doors from TJSS

Door closers for Fire doors from TJSS allow barrier-free passage of doors while meeting all applicable market standards. Suitable for natural or mechanical smoke dissipation (RWA/RDA).