Lift Solutions

Lift solutions from DICTATOR. Barrier-free buildings become more and more important. But often the installation or re-fitting of a lift is not possible due to a lack of space. Therefore, DICTATOR remains true to its orientation on the needs of the customers also in the sector of the DICTATOR lifts and shaft system. The decisive advantage of the our lift systems is the object-related fabrication. We doesn’t know any standard dimensions. When designing a system, it is exactly adapted to the requirements of its user.

DICTATOR offers made to measure systems:

  • Home lift DHM 500 according to the Machinery Directive,
  • DHE lift according to directive 2014/33/EU,
  • Modular DICTATOR lift shaft system, either as a complement for the Home lift DHM 500 or the DHE lift or as a stand-alone shaft for any lift, certified according to EN 1090

When retrofitting a lift, often only a limited space is available:

The customized production often still offers a solution where there wouldn’t be one with a standard lift. In case of need it is also possible to have access doors in opposite or adjacent walls of the car.

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Lift solutions

The floor of the cabin was prepared in the factory for the customer’s floor tiles – the uniform flooring makes the cabin seem like a part of the corridor.

The Home Lift DHM 500 - Functionality and Design

The DICTATOR Home Lift not only adapts to limited space, it also perfectly integrates into the architecture of the building. Our experienced engineers combine the most modern technology with the flexibility of the in-house manufacture and thus allow to create ideal, customized solutions for each situation.
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Accessibility for Buildings with Limited Space

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Home lift DHM 500 Connects Restaurant to Second Floor

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The Lift Solution for Limited Space

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