Gate Closer Solutions

Gate closer solutions from DICTATOR are reliable solutions that we can provide through some of our well-selected products. Outdoor gates require high quality and long-lasting products that are adapted to outdoor climates.

Gate & door closer DIREKT:

DIREKT is a closer that is ideal for outdoor gates and available in stainless steel qualities that are suitable for even seaside environments. A simple speed adjustment via a steering speed makes it easy to adapt to the seasons.

Tube gate closer RTS:

RTS is advantageously built into the gate, thus becoming weather-independent and even vandal-proof.

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Gate Closer DIREKT

In the past a note requested to always close the gates, what not always had the desired result. Now the Gate Closer DIREKT takes care of this duty. Fixed on the jamb and on the gate, it always automatically closes the gate after every opening. Without any risk of injuries due to a gate closing to fast because the closing speed can be exactly adjusted to the needs on site.


Tube door closers RTS closing the access gates to the premises

The company Von Ardenne in Dresden (Germany) was looking for a reliable door closer for their highly frequented access gates, which also should be as unobtrusive as possible. Just The requirements for a DICTATOR tube door closer RTS.

The special problem was that the access gates to the premises don’t have frame profiles in which the tube door closer could be fitted.

The vertical tubes were cut off below the lower equalizer bar and instead a special profile which could house the tube door closer RTS was fixed in its place.

DIREKT Gate Closer in stainless steel


DIREKT - Also a Door Closer for Front Doors

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The RTS - Invisible Gate Closer for Access Gates

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