News for “Fire door control solutions“News for “Fire door control solutions“

New Fire door control solutions catalog

News for “Fire door control solutions“ – We present a new part of our new interactive catalog in a revised layout. It
contains all the features of the previous two published parts:

  • The catalog is only available in digital form – so you can always find
    the latest version on the DICTATOR website and print out the pages
    you need yourself if required
  • Direct links to the DICTATOR website and to other useful
    information, such as installation instructions, are easily accessible by
    mouse click or by QR code in the print version

> Take a look at the new catalogue here:

News for “Fire door control solutions“

New brochure: Guidebook for hold-open systems

The new catalog no longer contains information on standards and regulations – we
have now compiled this information in a new brochure, the “Guidebook to hold-open systems”. It can also be found on the website under Downloads > Brochures.

> Take a look at the guidebook for hold-open systems here:



Hold-open systems overview on the website

We have put together an overview page of our hold-open systems, which includes the various
components, application examples and links to other useful information, such as the catalogue, brochure,
guidebook and the new questionnaire.

> Click here to go to the hold-open systems page:

News for “Fire door control solutions“New questionnaire for hold-open systems

In order to make the selection of components and the planning of the hold-open
system easier for both our customers and our technical team, we have created a
new questionnaire for hold-open systems.

You can find the questionnaire on our website under Downloads > Questionnaires,
on the landing page for hold-open systems or on the overview page for Fire door
control solutions.

> To the questionnaire:

> Contact us for further information: