Fire Door Operator Solutions

Fire door operator solutions with door closers for fire doors has been one of DICTATOR's core areas for decades. Now it is a synonym for the name DICTATOR and we strives for a perfect fire protection solution with high comfort for users.

Fire and smoke can be extremely dangerous. If a fire breaks out in a building, it can spread rapidly if no appropriate precautions have been taken. A danger to people and, of course, to the building and everything inside it.

Our products:

We offer a wide range of different components that are approved according to current standards, to operate both new and existing fire doors. Over the years, we have developed door closers or operators for both normal fire doors and for large and heavy sliding doors.

The products are suitable for everything from solutions for individual devices to solutions with fully automatic door operators in commercial properties.

Technical service and advice:

We are a specialist in solved problems for both sliding doors and hung doors.

We are happy to help you design a solution for your fire protection problem free of charge.

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Operator for fire doors opens the 375 kg heavy door on a theatre

It was very important to soon find a reliable solution satisfying the regulations as the building inspection had discovered fire protection deficiencies. Without the fire doors being automatized according to the regulations, the theatre would not have been allowed to start the new season.

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Automating sliding fire doors in hazardous areas:

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