V 1600 … on Fire and/or Smoke Protection Doors V 1600 … on Fire and/or Smoke Protection Doors

General building approval (Allgemeine bauaufsichtliche Zulassung) abZ Z-6.100-2502

V 1600 on Fire and/or Smoke Protection Doors. Finally, we got our abZ for the V 1600 for fire and/or smoke protection doors!

On our website, under the download tab of the V 1600/V 1600F, you can now find an updated PDF with all installation

information and the complete information and therefore, no relevant documents can be forgotten.

  • Manufacturer approvals
  • Installation instruction
  • AbP and abZ


Until further notice, we are keeping both the old AbP and the new abZ in this document. As long as we still have to provide the V 1600 F with the old Ü mark, this parallel mention will be made. As soon as we have received the new Ü mark from the MPA NRW and are allowed to mark the door dampers with it, only the abZ will be published. We hope to be able to inform you about this shortly.

Since the V 1600 with 50 N adjustable spring is now an integral part of our new approval, we also had to make some minorV 1600 … on Fire and/or Smoke Protection Doors

adjustments to the installation instructions. These can also be found in the PDF document Installation Instructions.

As with the AbP in the past, it is also necessary with the abZ that a door damper is included in the door’s proof of suitability for use, e.g. documentation for DIBt approval or CE documentation according to EN 16034, or that a manufacturer’s declaration is available.

If this is not available, approval must be obtained from the building authorities in individual cases, which is often seen as more problematic than it actually is.

We are currently working hard on all manufacturer contacts with regard to the new abZ, in the hope of having more door models released and above all the V 1600 with adjustable 50 N spring documented.

We also use these contacts to get our door dampers into the documentations of “European doors” according to EN 16034. A national abZ may no longer be used for these doors and they are no longer marketed with a DIBt approval and the Ü mark,V 1600 … on Fire and/or Smoke Protection Doors

but with a declaration of performance and the CE mark.