DIREKT Gate Closer

DIREKT Gate Closer

DIREKT gate closer

Gate closer DIREKT ascending hinges

For ascending hinges - Optimal function mostly at 100 N

The DIREKT door closer is also repeatedly used on doors with ascending hinges. See our reference https://en.dictator.de/referenzen/door-closer-for-gates-with-ascending-hinges/

Up to now, our documentation had mainly focused on part numbers for the models with 400 N.

However, there were often customers who, after purchasing and installing a DIREKT for ascending hinges with 400 N, complained that the doors were then very difficult to open.

Therefore, from now on, we will remove the versions with 400 N from our documentation and replace them with the DIREKT for ascending hinges with a force of 100 N.

You can easily clarify with the customer whether the DIREKT with 100 N is sufficient for the particular door with rising hinges: if the door closes by itself without a door closer, then the DIREKT with 100 N is the right solution. For other cases, you should consult with our technical department.

Gate closer DIREKT for doors with ascending hinges – Part no.:

DIREKT 150 for ascending hinges, 100 N, without fixing accessories:
392333-2 grey
392339-2 anthracite
392338-2 white
392431-2 stainless steel AISI 304
392490   stainless steel AISI 316L

DIREKT 150 for ascending hinges, 100 N, incl. fixing accessories
392323-2 grey
392329-2 anthracite
392328-2 white
392421-2 stainless steelAISI 304

DIREKT 200 for ascending hinges, 100 N, without fixing accessories
392383-2 grey
392384-2 anthracite
392385-2 white
392469-2 stainless steel AISI 304
392493   stainless steel AISI 316L

New sorting of article numbers on the website

For a better overview of the article numbers of the DIREKT, we have reorganized the tables on our website. The numbers for the DIREKT for ascending hinges can now be found in an extra tab. You can see the new sorting at the bottom of the product page: https://en.dictator.de/products/door-closing-solutions/door-closers/direkt-gate-closer/