New DIREKT installation video published

New DIREKT installation video published from DICTATOR. Thanks to our new possibilities for creating videos there is now a new animated installation video for the gate closer DIREKT.New DIREKT installation video published
This provides our customers with additional assistance in assembling the DIREKT and hopefully some common assembly errors can be avoided.

Purpose of the video

The video is intended to illustrate the various assembly steps for the customer. However - as is also pointed out at the beginning of the video - the video is a supplement to, but not a substitute for, the assembly instructions, i.e. it is important that these are additionally considered.

DIREKT models

The video applies to the DIREKT 150 and 200 without ascending hinges.

Alternative method for compressing the DIREKT

Some customers have had difficulties in the past with compressing the DIRECT as described in the assembly instructions.New DIREKT installation video published
The video now shows an alternative method for this in steps 8.1 - 8.8, which does not require a lot of force.
We will see how we can include this method as an alternative in the assembly instructions in the future. However, it will still take some time to adapt the assembly instructions.

Where to find the video

The video is on the product page of the DIREKT gate closer under the tab “Installation”. Versions of the video in Swedish can be found on our international YouTube Channel:


For general questions about the video, feel free to contact us here