DICTATOR RM 2000 Smoke Detector no Longer AvailableDICTATOR RM 2000 Smoke Detector no Longer Available

New options for hold-open systems with RM 2000 smoke detectors

DICTATOR RM 2000 Smoke Detector no longer available on market.

Before the deadline of 15 July 2019, we had Novotron to produce as many RM 2000 as the production department was able to.

Since a large number of detectors have been installed over the many years that the RM 2000 has been sold, the need for a replacement has meant that our stocks are now exhausted.

So now we have to say goodbye to the RM 2000 for good.

For new hold-open systems, we have already been selling the RZ-24 with RM 4000 smoke detectors very successfully since July 2019.

If a customer has an existing hold-open system from DICTATOR in which there are still installed the RM 2000 and one or more now need to be replaced, there are two options:(

Option 1: Replacing the RM 2000 by a RM 3000+

Our approvals Z-6.5-1903 and Z-6.5-1707 of the RM 2000 also include the RM 3000+ (this does not apply to the even older approval no. Z-6.5-1335).

Nevertheless, for every hold-open system it must be checked again whether the replacement of the RM 2000 with an RM 3000+ still fulfils the corresponding regulations in the respective country.

Significant changes:

    • The manual release button must be placed in the supply line of the smoke detectors, as the RM 3000+ does not reset automatically.
    • Possible changes to the wiring or the use of existing cables on site must be checked on the basis of the situation on site.

The RM 3000+ can be integrated into the existing detection loop.

Please refer to our connection diagram. You can find it under the following link: https://www.dictator.de/wp-content/uploads/Anschlussbeispiele-RM2000RM3000.pdf   (Handauslösetaster = manual release button, Haftmagnet = electromagnet)

Option 2: Installation of a completely new hold-open system RZ-24 with RM 4000 in accordance with the current regulations

  • When the hold-open system is replaced with the currently approved hold-open system RZ-24, all smoke detectors must be replaced.
  • The existing power supply unit is omitted and replaced by the RZ-24 control unit.
  • Please refer to the current general type approval to determine whether the existing hold-open device (usually a magnet) can continue to be used.
  • If the hold-open device can still be used: it is now connected directly to the control unit.
  • Possible changes to the wiring or the use of the existing cables on site must be checked on the basis of the situation on site

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